580 CFRA listen online

580 CFRA is a broadcast radio station from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, providing News, talk, sports, Informative and educational programs.

Information about the radio

CFRA is a conservative talk radio station in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, owned by Bell Media. The station broadcasts at 580 kHz. CFRA's studios are located in the Bell Media Building on George Street in the ByWard Market, while its 4-tower transmitter array is located near Manotick.

Radio contacts

Address: 87 George Street K1N 9H7 Ottawa ON

Phone: +1 613-789-2486


Genres: news talk sports

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Diane Graham, 2 months ago
My husband and I have been listening to CFRA faithfully since we retired. Recently we moved to CBC on weekends because of the shallow content (Dahlia) and the constant repeating of her name.
Rick Perzylo, 1 month ago
Evan's show... He already knows Conrad Black towards his bum buddy Trump.. and from being pardoned. The embellishment truth had to be made towards what Trump's accountable steps has become, for what he has done. So sad many Trump supporters are not...
Ken M. Nicholson, 1 month ago
Rob Snow was a great show
Richard Smith, 2 months ago
As with most of the comments previously submitted I was most disappointed at management's decision to release Rob snow, the station's last most informed and opinionated voice on local matters, what a terrible decision, shame on management! What sort...
Shawn Chartrand, 1 month ago
why not use Basic income . we already know the project and it works .
Jean Ing, 2 months ago
Comments about Rob Snow is right! Good host!
Lyne Croteau, 2 months ago
Bravo M. Drainville, félicitations pour votre intervention concernant le rappel d'où le peuple québécois venons et avons vécu afin que les générations suivantes puissent informer les nouveaux arrivants qui veulent tout tout de suite. Nous devons nous...
Doug Foley, 2 months ago
If you aren't going to support their narrative then don't bother listening, or at least calling - we call them narrative Nazis.
jeffrey latreille, 2 months ago
CFRA good station 10/10
Caroline Irvine, 1 month ago
Who on earth gave Andrew Pinset if that is how you spell it,a radio show.He talks so fast you can't make out half of what he says and all you hear is uuuugh uuuugh uuuugh uuuugh,Did he go to the school of Trudeau speak.I thought Dahlia Kurtz was b...
Jacques T., 2 months ago
Bill Carrol, Ottawa's own Forest Gump. He knows everything, knows everyone, has been everywhere, etc. An opiniated shill who loves to talk about his house in Manotick, with the lush lawn, the xmas lights, the boat, and his dog that eats walls. He ce...
Pierre G. Joly, 2 months ago
CFRA is great except the non-stop, wall-to-wall commercials, especially at night.
Monsieur M, 1 month ago
Best local radio station in Ottawa. I particularly like its association with Ottawa CTV News.
Eric Lawson, 2 months ago
An informative and entertaining radio station.great news coverage.