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POWER 107 plays Edmonton's Best Music! Remember when Pop Music was King? When Britney, Backstreet, Mariah, Spice Girls, *NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, and Rihanna ruled the charts and airwaves? POWER 107 does.

Radio contacts

Address: 5241 Calgary Trail Suite #700, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5G8

Phone: 780-435-3023

Call or Text the POWER LINE: 780-784-7107

Genres: pop

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Jeen Raw-Bit, 2 months ago
belle musique
RoseMarie Robinson, 2 months ago
My mom Kenna love's you Jake Ryan Rose does also can you gave they a shout pls and thank you
Kerri Coles, 2 months ago
BEST OLD SCHOOL MIX STATION! Only station to play Summertime by Will Smith & DJJJ, literally one of the best songs of summer. Two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻
CHILLIN DILLAN, 2 months ago
Too much COVID 1984 propaganda for UNITED NATIONS NEW WORLD ORDER of disorder!
shaun johnson, 2 months ago
Awesome I love it 😀
abhijit chatterji, 1 month ago
Kaitlyn Hellervik, 1 month ago
I'm not a huge fan of the music choice but I love listening to Rider and Lisa! A bad day will always be brightened up by listening to their conversations. lol. I once told my fiancé what I thought they would look like(random, I know) haha And strange...
Justin Fleet, 2 months ago
Good mix of music ! I listen to your station all day. Keep up the good work and don’t stress on haters
Mark Moberly, 2 months ago
reminds me when my marriage was good!